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Second opinion in Bucharest – Shoulder, Hand, Upper Limb

Dr. Popescu can analyze and evaluate the current situation regarding disorders of the shoulder, hand or upper limb, as well as the diagnosis and treatment previously recommended, without necessarily taking over the management of the treatment established by medical colleagues.

Rehabilitation and return to sports after shoulder surgery or conservative treatment is generally seen as complex and troublesome. Sometimes patients are dissatisfied even if their treatment was correct from the beginning. A second opinion consultation is accompanied by a clinical re-evaluation, an echography examination performed in the same consultation and a medical history check. A second opinion provides the opinions and determination for future treatments. Since this is not a medical consultation for diagnosis, treatments (administration of medication and other treatments) will not be carried out. We assume that you will continue to see the referring doctor for treatment after the second opinion.

There are situations when the evolution of the disease or of a chronic suffering with multiple interventions in the background compels your insurance company to unilaterally modify the payment of the policies or even your reimbursement. Also, there are civil, criminal, forensic or administrative judicial procedures that require the analysis and the opinion of an expert doctor in a niche field. In any of these cases, based on a dedicated experience in the field of reconstructive surgery of the shoulder and of the upper limb, Dr. Popescu can advise and guide you in carrying out specialized medical expertise for judicial issues, forensics and legal or administrative conflicts.

If a revision surgery is recommended, all options along with the associated benefits, risks and potential complications will be presented in a comprehensive medical expertise report.

Dr. Popescu is an expert in case analysis and counseling for judicial procedures involving forensic expertise for the musculo-skeletal system. If you need an expert-opinion analysis, specialized forensic expertise for insurance companies or for ongoing administrative or legal judicial procedures regarding upper limb pathologies or shoulder surgery, please use the Contact form.