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Hand surgery became a separate discipline within orthopedic surgery. Indeed, the hand is an essential organ through its function, but also through its social role. The hand remains the extension of the spirit, it is in the daily life the only part of the body exposed to the eyes of others but at the same time it is responsible for performing multiple actions essential to daily life.

The hand and the wrist are part of an anatomical area in which there are several intricate, mobile and fixed noble structures, such as nerves, tendons, blood vessels and the skeleton, all anatomically and functionally complex. The management of pathologies at this level requires a very specialized know-how. The development of microsurgical techniques and the emergence of new technologies for the repair of these structures has made many advances in the understanding, treatment and management of various hand injuries in recent years.

The elbow is made up of the humerus (arm bone), radius and ulna (forearm bones) and a complex system of ligaments and muscles, which together form a stable and functional joint. The elbow is the joint that links the hand to the shoulder. Injuries at this level are common and can be extremely painful for both adults and children. Dr. Popescu is specialized in degenerative diseases of the elbow, such as osteoarthritis of the elbow, as well as in common injuries of the elbow in athletes. In particular, he has experience in the treatment of wear, traumatic and degenerative disorders.

Combining his experience of microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and the management of trauma of the top athletes, Dr. Popescu offers in Bucharest mini-invasive treatments which are correctly adapted to the injury and the activity profile of each of his patients.

Hand and elbow surgery, reconstructive upper limb surgery:

  • Treatment of epicondylitis and epitrochleitis – Tennis elbow and Golfer elbow
  • Removal of intra-articular bodies
  • Treatment of cartilage lesions
  • Stabilization and ligament reconstruction operations
  • Neurolysis – nerves decompressions (ulnar, radial, posterior interosseous, median)
  • Osteosynthesis of various fractures
  • Arthritis elbow, fist or phalanx
  • Radial head prosthesis
  • Total elbow prosthesis
  • Carpal bone pharyngeal prosthesis
  • Arthrodesis elbow, fist, metacarpal-phalangeal or interphalangeal
  • Debridement of the tendons of the fist and the hand
  • Synovial cyst or mucoid resection
  • Rhizartosis surgery (ligamentoplasty-suspension or prosthesis)
  • Treatment of sport injuries of the elbow, fist, hand, fingers