Curriculum vitae

Dr. Ion-Andrei Popescu, MHBA is a fellowship trained upper limb surgeon, subspecialized in advanced shoulder surgery, tendon transfers, shoulder arthroscopy, arthroplasty and brachial plexus surgery. His practice in Bucharest is devoted entirely to the treatment of problems affecting the shoulder region.

Dr. Popescu is a MD graduate of the ‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania and MHBA (Master of Health Business Administration) of the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He conducted his residency-training in trauma and orthopedic surgery in Germany in high volume trauma centers, for 6 years. He specialized also in sports medicine and orthotics. He was awarded by the German Orthopedic Academy and became a fellow of the largest society for arthroscopy, the German Speaking Association for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA).

As AGA-fellow he performed multiple fellowships and trainings in shoulder and upper limb surgery in France and Europe for another 3 years. He was a fellow of the famous Alps Surgery Institute in Annecy and was trained by Dr. Laurent Lafosse in advanced shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty. Later he rounded up his arthroscopic shoulder surgery routine working with Dr. Jens Agneskirchner in Hannover. He completed his training in reconstructive upper limb surgery and brachial plexus surgery as a junior surgeon in the International Center for Hand and Shoulder Surgery in Paris, as fellow of Dr. Frederic Teboul and Jean-Noel Goubier. Eventually he became fellow of the ESSKA – ESA (European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy – European Shoulder Associates).

Dr. Popescu is author of multiple research articles and book chapters about shoulder disorders and their treatments. He is board certified in Germany, France and Romania and since January 2020 moved his main practice in Bucharest, Romania.

Surgical practice (October 2010 – December2019) :

  • 04.2018 – 12.2019: Centre International de Chirurgie de la Main et de l’Epaule, Paris, France (Mentors: Prof. acad. Dr. Frederic Teboul, Dr. JN Goubier)
  • 04.2018 – 12.2019: Institut de Chirurgie Nerveuse et du Plexus Brachial, Paris, France  (Mentors: Prof. acad. Dr. Frederic Teboul, Dr. JN Goubier)
  • 01.2018 – 04.2018: GO:H Gelenkchirurgie Orthopädie, Hannovra, Germania  (Mentor: PD. Dr. med. Jens Agneskirchner)
  • 01.2017-12.2017: Alps Surgery Institute, Annecy, France (Mentor: Dr. Laurent Lafosse)
  • 01.2015 – 12.2016: Brüderkrankenhaus Trier, Orthopedics Departement, Academic Hospital of Johannes-Gutenberg Mainz University, Germany  (Residency coordinator: Prof. Dr. med T. Hopf)
  • 10.2010 – 12.2014: Klinikum Aschaffenburg-Alzenau, Trauma and orthopedic surgery. Academic Hospital of Julius-Maximilian University Würzburg, Germany (Residency coordinator: Prof. Dr. med Dr.h.c. Wilhelm Friedl)
  • Professional qualifications

    Orthopedic and trauma surgery specialist:

    • German Board Certification in 2017
    • Unrestricted practice license in Romania, Germany and France

    Fellowship training with sub-specialisation:

    • Shoulder surgery: trauma (Germany 2011-2014), arthroscopy and arthroplasty (Germany and France, 2015 – 2020)
    • Hand surgery (Germany 2011-2014, France 2018-2019)
    • Upper limb reconstructive surgery (France, 2018-2019)
    • Brachial plexus and peripheral nerve surgery (France, 2018-2019)
    • Microsurgery (France, 2018-2019)
    • MSK Echography (Germany, 2011-2017)

    Other training:

    • Sports medicine (Bavarian medical college, German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention, Germany 2012-2014)
    • Emergency medicine (Bavarian medical college, Germany 2013-2014)
    • Orthothics  Germany 2015)
  • Studies and universitary diplomas

    • Master of  Microsurgery Techniques – Sorbonne University, Pierre et Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France – 2018/2019
    • Master of Health Business Administration – Friedrich Alexander Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen, Germany – 2015/2017
    • Medical studies – MD – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila București, Romania – 2004/2010
  • Education

    • Pierre et Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
    • Faculty of Economic and Business, Friedrich-Alexander University, Nürnberg-Erlangen, Germany
    • University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila București, Romania  (2004-2010)
    • “Mircea cel Bătrân” College Constanța, România (2003-2004)
    • Military College  “Dimitrie Cantemir” Breaza, România (2000-2003)
  • Awards and research grants

    • ESSKA Shoulder Traveling-Fellowship 2020
    • Ramsay Generale de Sante – Research grant. Paris, 2018
    • AGA Shoulder Fellowship 2017 – Alps Surgery Institute 2017
    • German Orthopedic Academy – Fellowship award. Berlin, 2016
    • Prize award  for implementation of a Patient Blood Management Program in Barmherzigenbrüdernkrankenhaus Trier, Germany 2015.
    • Student of the year award, Romanian Educational Awards Gala. București, 2010
  • Memberships and scientific affiliations

    • Founder of the European Shoulder & Hand Unit , Bucharest-München-Paris
    • Co-founder of the Sports-Orthopaedic Departement,  Zetta Hospital, Bucharest
    • Member of the Romanian Sports Traumatologie and Arthroscopy Society
    • Member of the ESSKA – European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy
    • Fellow of ESSKA – European Shoulder Associates
    • Fellow of the German Speaking Association for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA).
    • Member of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention
    • Fellow of Ramsay Generale de Santé
    • Founder of și (2005-2019)
    • Vicepresident of the Romanian Student Society for Surgery (2009-2010)
  • Running research projects

    • 3D patient specific biomechanical simulation tools for shoulder instability 
    • Development of patient specific surgical tools and surgical strategies for shoulder instability
    • Clinical study on neurological lesions following the arthroscopic Latarjet procedure
    • Mid term outcomes after patient specific shoulder arthroplasty
    • Clinical study on tendon transfers associated to reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 
    • Research project on tendon transfers and bio-augmentation for massive cuff tear repairs
    • Feasibility study for the ‘In Office’ Shoulder Surgery Concept
  • International oral presentations

    • Peripheral nerve lesions in upper limb surgery, SOROT Congress, București 2019
    • Cadaveric Feasibility Study and Case-Report of the First In-Office Shoulder Arthroscopy with Tenotomy of the Long Head of the Biceps Tendon, AGA Congress, Mannheim, 2019
    • Tendon transfers around the shoulder, ATOM Conference, Constanța 2019
    • Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with isolated latissimus dorsi transfer for patients with Combined Loss of Elevation and External Rotation, ATOM Conference, Constanța 20019
    • Risks and complications management in shoulder arthroscopy – SOROT Conference, Sibiu, October 2018
    • Functional Improvements after Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty with Isolated Latissimus Dorsi Transfer. A Prospective Clinical Study, AGA Congress, Linz, 2018
    • Complications in shoulder arthroscopy. How to avoid them. International Comprehensive Shoulder Course, Cluj 2018
    • Tendon transfers for irreparable rotator cuff tears. International Comprehensive Shoulder Course, Cluj 2018
    • First time episode of anterior gleno-humeral instability. Epidemiology, clinical and imagistic diagnosis. SRATS Congress, Bucharest, March 2018
    • Force couple balancing in RSA for reconstructing the midline function of the shoulder in activities of daily living, Annecy Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Course, October 2017
    • Biceps pathology and treatment in rotator cuff tears. Annecy Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Course, October 2017
    • Le transfert du grand dorsal pour les ruptures irréparables du subscapulaire. Annecy Arthroscopy Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy, September 2017
    • Latissimus dorsi transfer for irreparable postero-superior rotator cuff tears. Annecy Arthroscopy Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy, September 2017
    • The V-Shape subscapularis tenotomy in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: How and Why. Annecy Arthroscopy Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy, September 2017
    • Latissimus dorsi transfer for external rotation insufficiency in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, Annecy Arthroscopy Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy, September 2017
    • Force couple balancing in RSA for reconstructing the midline function of the shoulder in activities of daily living, Annecy Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Course, May 2017
    • Double layer repair for postero-superior rotator cuff tears. Annecy Advanced Shoulder Arthroscopy Course, May 2017
    • Kosten-Nutzen Analyse und Erkennung der Voraussetzungen für die zukünftige Umsetzung eines personalisierten Patient-Blood-Management in der primären Endoprothetik, Endokongress Berlin 2016
  • Major research articles and publications

    • Repair of the femoral nerve by two motor branches of the obturator nerve: A case report. E Dubois, IA Popescu, N Sturbois Nachef, F Teboul, JN Goubier. Microsurgery 2019
    • In-office shoulder arthroscopy and tenotomy of the long head of the biceps tendon—a cadaveric feasibility study. IA Popescu, F Teboul, JN Goubier, A Ghazanfari. International orthopaedics, 1-5. 2019
    • Functional improvements in active elevation, external rotation, and internal rotation after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with isolated latissimus dorsi transfer: surgical technique and mid-term follow-up. IA Popescu, T Bihel, D Henderson, JM Becerra, J Agneskirchner, L Lafosse. Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. 2019
    • All-Endoscopic Resection of an Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Schwannoma: Surgical Technique. T Lafosse, M Le Hanneur, IA Popescu, T Bihel, E Masmejean, L Lafosse. Arthroscopy techniques 7 (8), e869-e873
    • Complication of Bony Procedures for Shoulder Instability (book chapter) IA Popescu, D Haeni. Complications in Shoulder Arthroscopy. J.Agneskirchner, L Lafosse, Springer Verlag 2020
    • Primary and revision RSA – planification and first experiences with custom made Patient Specific Implants (book chapter). IA Popescu, J. Agneskirchner. Paris International Shoulder Congress 2019
    • Building a Personalized Patient Blood Management Programme: Business Plan and Implementation Example in a German Orthopedic Department. Master diploma in Health Business Administration,  Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.


Shoulder surgery

Dr. Popescu’s practice is devoted to the treatment of problems affecting the shoulder region. He has routine experience in diagnosing and treating complex pathologies and disorders that may affect the shoulder joint, shoulder girdle and upper limb. While using the latest diagnostic techniques, including careful physical examinations and dynamic ultrasound scans, Dr. Popescu ensures that the correct diagnosis justifies the optimal personalized treatment: shoulder arthroscopy (e.g. rotator cuff repair or shoulder stabilization), minimally invasive open shoulder surgery, shoulder arthroplasty, osteosynthesis or reconstructive tendon transfers. Dr. Popescu performs every year around 400 shoulder arthroscopies and arthroplasties.

Hand surgery

Dr. Popescu is specialized in degenerative and posttraumatic disorders of the hand and wrist. Combining his experience of microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and the management of trauma of the top athletes, Dr. Popescu offers modern mini-invasive treatments which are correctly adapted to the injury and the activity profile of each of his patients. He is part of the new generation of sub-specialized surgeons having a focused experience in reconstructive surgery of the upper limb, treating hand, elbow and shoulder pathologies.

Brachial plexus

Dr. Popescu has a complementary training in the reconstructive surgery of the peripheral nerves and the brachial plexus, being able to manage rare and especially complex lesions or pathologies of the upper limb. The therapeutic spectrum includes peripheral nerve transfers and targeted neurotizations as well as palliative surgery including functional tendon transfers, gleno-humeral or scapulo-thoracic fusion.

Second opinion

Rehabilitation and return to sports after shoulder surgery or conservative treatment is generally seen as complex and troublesome. Sometimes patients are dissatisfied even if their treatment was correct from the beginning. A second opinion consultation is accompanied by a clinical re-evaluation, an echography examination performed in the same consultation and a medical history check. A second opinion provides the opinions and determination for future treatments. Since this is not a medical consultation for diagnosis, treatments (administration of medication and other treatments) will not be carried out. We assume that you will continue to see the referring doctor for treatment after the second opinion.

Sports orthopedics

Dr. Popescu has a complementary training in sports medicine and sports-orthopedics. He can establish the optimal training or recovery strategy for athletes with shoulder or upper limb pathologies. Together with a dedicated team of physiotherapists he can customize modern, innovative and scientifically validated rehabilitation programs to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Juridical and medical expertise

There are situations when the evolution of the disease or of a chronic suffering with multiple interventions in the background compels your insurance company to unilaterally modify the payment of the policies or even your reimbursement. Also, there are civil, criminal, forensic or administrative judicial procedures that require the analysis and the opinion of an expert doctor in a niche field. In any of these cases, based on a dedicated experience in the field of reconstructive surgery of the shoulder and of the upper limb, Dr. Popescu can advise and guide you in carrying out specialized medical expertise for judicial issues, forensics and legal or administrative conflicts.

Social media

Educația medicală este o premiză a evoluției profesionale și este un pilon important al oricărei practici medicale performante. Joi 8 Octombrie voi prezenta în cadrul simpozionului online al Societății Române de Artroscopie și Traumatologie o serie de cazuri clinice tratate recent în România. Prezentarea mea este despre instabilitatea articulației acromio-claviculare și metodele moderne de tratament reconstructiv minim-invaziv artroscopic.

Vă invit să participați la Simpozionul Interactiv SRATS organizat în cadrul SOROT 2020 Virtual Conference. 🏆

👉 Mai multe despre formarea mea profesională și parcursul educațional din ultimii 10 ani în vestul Europei :

#chirurgiaumarului #artroscopiedeumar #drandreipopescu
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În cadrul consultațiilor mele folosesc în mod regulat ecografia de umăr, de mai bine de 5 ani. 400 ecografii documentate, 3 cursuri și 1 examen sunt necesare în Germania pentru a fi certificat în Ecografie Musculoscheletala, o calificare importantă în cariera oricărui ortoped.

Ecografia de umăr este un instrument foarte util și are multe avantaje:

- Examinare dinamică, superioară unui RMN static
- Pacienții văd și înțeleg patologia umărului
- Pacienții adoră interacțiunea și implicarea în procesul diagnostic
- Ecografia nu radiază
- Are sensibilitate și specificitate asemănătoare RMN
- Nu este nevoie de anestezie
- Unele intervenții și injecții pot fi ghidate ecografic, chiar în cabinet

Ca ortoped supraspecializat în chirurgia umărului ( folosesc toate uneltele pentru diagnostic și tratament: controlul radiografiilor, examinare clinică, examinare dinamică ecografică în cadrul consultației, validarea leziunilor pe imaginile RMN/CT, planificarea tratamentului conservator și efectuarea artroscopiei de umăr dacă este nevoie.

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Transfer de nervi periferici pentru reanimarea flexiei cotului in cazul paraliziei de plex brahial.
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