Dr. Popescu is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. He is fellowship trained in shoulder & hand surgery and is board certified in Germany, France and Romania. He conducted his residency in trauma and sports-orthopedic surgery in Germany and his sub-specialization in shoulder arthroscopy and upper-limb reconstructive surgery in renowned high-volume surgical centers in France. He is fellow of the German Arthroscopy Society (AGA), awarded by the German Orthopedic Academy and fellow of the European Society of Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopy (ESSKA).


Dr. Popescu’s surgical activity focuses on complex shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty, reconstructive surgery of the upper limb, palliative tendon transfers, brachial plexus and peripheral nerves surgery. He is specialized in sports orthopedics and supports Romanian athletes on the playfield as well. Dr. Popescu is invited to international shoulder conferences on a regular basis and frequently publishes his research results in high impact academic journals or in book chapters.


Dr. Popescu offers consultations and performs advanced shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty and reconstructive upper limb surgery in modern private clinics in Bucharest. The newly build facilities are offering the highest treatment standards both from the technical point of view as well as of the implemented protocols and guidelines regarding the golden standard of shoulder surgery. Dr. Popescu’s routine practice is focused on advanced shoulder arthroscopy and on complex or revision surgery for challenging cases or failed surgeries.

Dr. Ion-Andrei Popescu, MHBA is a fellowship trained upper limb surgeon, subspecialized in advanced shoulder surgery, tendon transfers, shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty. He is skilled in arthroscopical and microsurgical techniques, upper limb plastic & reconstructive surgery and peripheral nerve procedures, comprising brachial plexus surgery. His practice is devoted entirely to the treatment of problems affecting the shoulder region.

Shoulder surgery

Dr. Popescu’s practice is devoted to the treatment of problems affecting the shoulder region. He has routine experience in diagnosing and treating complex pathologies and disorders that may affect the shoulder joint, shoulder girdle and upper limb. While using the latest diagnostic techniques, including careful physical examinations and dynamic ultrasound scans, Dr. Popescu ensures that the correct diagnosis justifies the optimal personalized treatment: shoulder arthroscopy (e.g. rotator cuff repair or shoulder stabilization), minimally invasive open shoulder surgery, shoulder arthroplasty, osteosynthesis or reconstructive tendon transfers. Dr. Popescu performs every year around 400 shoulder arthroscopies and arthroplasties.

Hand surgery

Dr. Popescu is specialized in degenerative and posttraumatic disorders of the hand and wrist. Combining his experience of microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and the management of trauma of the top athletes, Dr. Popescu offers modern mini-invasive treatments which are correctly adapted to the injury and the activity profile of each of his patients. He is part of the new generation of sub-specialized surgeons having a focused experience in reconstructive surgery of the upper limb, treating hand, elbow and shoulder pathologies.

Brachial plexus

Dr. Popescu has a complementary training in the reconstructive surgery of the peripheral nerves and the brachial plexus, being able to manage rare and especially complex lesions or pathologies of the upper limb. The therapeutic spectrum includes peripheral nerve transfers and targeted neurotizations as well as palliative surgery including functional tendon transfers, gleno-humeral or scapulo-thoracic fusion.

Second opinion

Rehabilitation and return to sports after shoulder surgery or conservative treatment is generally seen as complex and troublesome. Sometimes patients are dissatisfied even if their treatment was correct from the beginning. A second opinion consultation is accompanied by a clinical re-evaluation, an echography examination performed in the same consultation and a medical history check. A second opinion provides the opinions and determination for future treatments. Since this is not a medical consultation for diagnosis, treatments (administration of medication and other treatments) will not be carried out. We assume that you will continue to see the referring doctor for treatment after the second opinion.

Sports orthopedics

Dr. Popescu has a complementary training in sports medicine and sports-orthopedics. He can establish the optimal training or recovery strategy for athletes with shoulder or upper limb pathologies. Together with a dedicated team of physiotherapists he can customize modern, innovative and scientifically validated rehabilitation programs to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Juridical and medical expertise

There are situations when the evolution of the disease or of a chronic suffering with multiple interventions in the background compels your insurance company to unilaterally modify the payment of the policies or even your reimbursement. Also, there are civil, criminal, forensic or administrative judicial procedures that require the analysis and the opinion of an expert doctor in a niche field. In any of these cases, based on a dedicated experience in the field of reconstructive surgery of the shoulder and of the upper limb, Dr. Popescu can advise and guide you in carrying out specialized medical expertise for judicial issues, forensics and legal or administrative conflicts.

Dr. Ion-Andrei Popescu

Shoulder and Hand Surgery, Sports Orthopedics, Shoulder Arthroscopy

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